Holly and Heather’s Helpful Hint: It’s the Little Things, Everyday

by helpinghandstwins

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In our efforts to lead kind, thoughtful, peaceful, productive lives, the two of us have a lot of conversations about many topics. They drift over a vast array of things: working out problems, sharing a joy, an ear to listen when all you want to do is vent, topical issues, dreams, family, friends, work, you name it. Sometimes our conversations are 10 minutes long when we are running out the door, sometimes they are 2 hours. Our husbands cannot understand when we spend a whole day together doing something and then get home and talk on the phone.  They say “what could you still possibly have to say to each other?”  What can we say, we are besties who have everything in common and still have a lot of differing opinions.

We help each other constantly so when a recent issue came to light about living life happily we both thought that one line we had during our conversation would make a helpful blog – It’s the little things, everyday.  Striving for the best in our relationships, whether it is at home, at work or socially, there is no big “wow” that needs to happen.  In other words, a fancy weekend away twice a year is not as good as an “I love you” on a regular basis.  One girls night out every 2 months is not as good as that constant friend who calls or texts regularly just to say hello and stay close.  Work is not as productive if there isn’t a “great job” while you are there or a colleague to offer support.

Of course it is hard to do these things on an everyday basis, but so necessary to try.  Like a flower that will wilt with no water or sunlight, we too need to keep those important feelings in our relationships alive with effort, kindness and caring regularly.  Little, easy, doable things are so important in relationships.  All the big things don’t matter as much without the little things.