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Month: November, 2015

Holly and Heather’s Helpful Hint: Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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We wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving! We hope you are surrounded by loved ones, enjoying a delicious feast. Have a blessed day, Holly and Heather

Holly and Heather’s Helpful Hint: Having a Thankful Heart

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It is just so devastating to hear about the horrific acts of violence in Paris, ending so many innocent, precious lives. Being New Yorker’s and living thru 9/11, we empathize strongly with how abruptly life can change. The world around us seems to have changed forever and one of the inspirations for starting this blog was to try to bring some peace to each of our little environments and let that love spread…to your friends, family, co-workers, your community and let them spread that love and goodwill to everyone they know, and on and on and on. Is it idealistic to think this world could be a better place starting with us and our words and actions? We hope not. We believe that by living a happy, peaceful, loving life it will make a difference in this world.

In that spirit, Thanksgiving is next week and always in the midst of sadness, which many people face regularly, we will try to have thankful hearts for what we have today. It is important to reflect on the good in our lives, necessary even for our love to continue on to all of the people we are surrounded by. Here are some things we are thankful for…

Our families and friends.  Warm homes and food on our tables.  Freedom to live our lives as fully as we can.  Love.  God watching over us all.  We are thankful you are reading this.

Beliefs are different for everybody; believe in love.  Live your life kindly.

Holly and Heather’s Helpful Hint: Appreciation and Kind Words Today

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This may sound morbid to think about but did you ever read an obituary or hear a story on the news about someone who passed away and people were talking so nicely about the person – all recalling their good deeds and kindness toward others and what great people they were.  It makes us wonder, did these people hear all that great stuff about them when they were still alive?

Think of your loved ones. Haven’t they done things, big and small, that deserve acknowledgement and praise? Are they living their lives admirably, working hard, providing meals or doing kind thoughtful acts that you just don’t even think to acknowledge?  Think about it now; maybe your child is giving their all at school or working hard on a team or in a club.  Maybe your significant other has always helped out at a doctor’s appointment or washed your car.  Or maybe your mom hand crafts you some great things for your home and she is terrific at it!

Thank them, acknowledge them, tell them how proud you are!  Don’t wait for a retirement speech, award acceptance or eulogy they will never hear to acknowledge someone’s beautiful way of living their life.  Tell them now what a great person they are!

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Brace Yourself

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The day before Halloween we went shopping together and realized we forgot to buy candy for all the trick or treaters. We were in the market but did not remember the candy faux pas until we were finished shopping, on our way to the checkout, hurriedly passing by the bakery items and out of the corner of our eyes caught sight of a Halloween cake. We doubled back down the candy aisle (where were those big displays that typically smacked one in the face as soon as you entered the store?) and grabbed a few bags of chocolates. We did not realize what was happening in the “world of commercialism” until we ran one more errand (the pharmacy) and noticed that not only was there no Halloween display, the shelves that were typically stocked with costumes, candy, decorations, etc. were bare. It was October 30th and not only was Halloween already over in the stores, but Thanksgiving wasn’t even happening. It was already Christmas. Brace yourself. Stay in the moment – physically, mentally, emotionally – or else you’ll miss it.

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