Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Wait

by helpinghandstwins

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‘Tis the season for waiting! What?!? Have you heard that before? You’ve heard phrases like: ’tis the season for – giving, receiving, shopping, eating…etc. But waiting? That’s what we (and many others) believe. For those who celebrate Christmas, the weeks before December 25 (Advent) is a time for waiting, longing and preparing for that special day. It is in the waiting that we are getting ready to enjoy the celebration. We reflect on what Christmas means, we grow quiet contemplating the holiday. Here are some ideas that we try this time of year that you might think about trying too!

1. Practice patience and mindfulness as you go through the next few weeks.
2. Avoid places or situations that can steal your joy.
3. Light a special candle each night and spend a few quiet minutes by yourself.
4. Call or visit family or friends you haven’t seen in a while.
5. Donate a toy, food, or time to those in need.

We hope you find peace and joy in the coming weeks and remember what is most important in your life!