Holly and Heather’s Helpful Hint: Happiness in the Winter

by helpinghandstwins


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We do not love the extremely cold weather of winter here in the northeast, nor the long, dark days coupled with the post holiday let down. It is a hard time of year and we were just having a conversation wishing that spring was not so far away. Then we started thinking…appreciate each day, there is a purpose for each season, and we remembered when we were talking not so long ago about looking forward to wearing our fall sweaters and getting cozy in the winter. In that vein we decided to think about ways in which we could look forward to some indoor time and try not to wish the cold days away. It always helps to put things in perspective and try to live in the moment. Here are some things we are trying to help beat the winter blues:

*Put soft flannel sheets on the bed to keep warm and stay cozy at night. It’s a little thing that makes a big difference.
*Watch a favorite comedian perform stand up on You Tube. A good laugh helps lift your mood and really breaks up the monotony of routine.
*Make a fire in the fireplace and grab a good book and some tea or hot chocolate.
*Get out the crock pot and make beef stew or chicken soup full of veggies.

We have done most of these already – it’s a tough time of year!