Holly and Heather’s Helpful Hint: Change for the Better

by helpinghandstwins

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This week began the season of lent for Christians around the world. We are practicing “self-improvement” if you will, ultimately in an effort to be closer to God. Sacrifices have been made for us so it helps us to make our own for a period of time to better understand how much we were and are loved. Of course most of us make sacrifices big and small everyday, from giving up our time to giving up that last doughnut to our child! But we like to think that instead of giving up something, we are gaining something, in the long run anyway.

Instead of making a change just for the sake of experiencing a sacrifice, like giving up sweets, try a change within yourself that will help you promote love and peace.  Possibly saying a new prayer each morning or stopping an old habit that is really inhibiting your happiness is a good way to start.  The goal is to remember why you are doing this, and to keep it going long after the season is over.  No matter your religious beliefs, the spirit of this season is great for everybody. The message is all about changing yourself for the better, being thankful, and spreading the love to others.