Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Try, Try Again

by helpinghandstwins


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For many people, this is a season of change. Uncomfortable, awkward but necessary change. The changes we make in our lives are supposed to help make us better people – giving up things or ways of being that are harmful to our well being. No one said it will be easy, but what is that’s really worth it?

Sticking with a resolution might be difficult for us but we can turn it into a learning opportunity. What is so hard? How can we reflect on that struggle and overcome it? For us it means don’t stop trying. One little set back can make us think that we are failures; that we should give up because the goal is impossible. But the journey is worth the effort. And who knows, maybe the goal will change mid-way through the trip? And maybe the self-discovery along the way is really what it’s all about?

Take these next few weeks to fight the good fight. Keep trying despite your set backs. Whether you are embroiled in the season of Lent or your own path towards a life change, follow the signs along the road of peace and wellness.