Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Love Your Mother

by helpinghandstwins

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We celebrated Mother’s Day this past weekend with a visit to our mom’s. Because none of us wanted to cook, we all contributed a little to a “potluck” style luncheon.  Many of our friends were taking their moms out for lunch or dinner and we thought for a minute on this idea too. But only for a minute.  Because to us, it is so much more a worthwhile visit when you truly get to stay and linger. You can enjoy the company without waiting on a line, having an interrupting waitress, hearing the loudness of others, or the quietness when you want to be loud or talk without filtering your conversation.  Even though the home where she now lives is not the home we grew up in, it still holds the same feeling because it is her place.  And we create new memories of being with her every time we are there!

So we hope you celebrated your mom in whatever way was meaningful for you.  Cheers to mom!!  We love you, H & H