Holly and Heather’s Helpful Hint: Handling Changes

by helpinghandstwins

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This time of year always brings a great deal of change to our lives for a little while. We’ve blogged before about endings and beginnings and it seems it is happening again. While we have children in school, transitioning from academic packed days and a steady routine to lazy summer days can be tricky. Even a change in job schedules is fraught with goodbyes and hellos and a completely different “summertime” vibe. While change is a part of life, we must take time to decompress a little and adjust to the changes.  Give yourself permission to miss the people and places you have spent so much time with and look forward to a fresh new start and a different routine.

Summer goes by so fast, take time to enjoy the sunshine if you can.  Even just dinner outside is a small but welcome breath of fresh air.  Make memories and remember to spread love and kindness throughout your day!