Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Never Forget

by helpinghandstwins

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This past weekend was the fifteenth anniversary of September eleventh.  As New Yorkers, it is a day that we will never forget.  It is hard to believe that fifteen years have passed.  Our children have no memories of that day but for those of us old enough to remember, we all have our own stories.  We attended memorial services, proudly displayed the American flag, and shared stories with our families out of respect for those who innocently perished.

One good sentiment we embraced was the story of the lone tree that survived in front of the towers.  It was broken, charred, mangled but survived the attacks nonetheless.  During reconstruction it was removed from the site, preserved and it now lives in the 9/11 museum near One World Trade.  The tree stands as a symbol of resilience in the face of adversity.  Although clearly damaged, the tree has grown new branches where nubs once remained.

Each life lost was precious.  Each loss changed the lives of friends and family forever.  Sharing stories keeps memories alive, heals wounds, honors the deceased.  We will never forget.