Holly and Heather’s Helpful Hint: Stand Up for Yourself

by helpinghandstwins

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As we go about living our lives, there are moments when something bigger comes along. It could be a wrong to right, an unspoken hurt or an uncomfortable situation. When you are in the thick of working out a problem, either internally or with another, it is important to stand up for yourself.

If the conflict is internal, for example, if you’re beating yourself up over a situation you may have handled poorly, forgive yourself.  Acknowledge that you’re not perfect.  Own your mistake and resolve to do better next time.

If your difficulty lies with another, don’t be afraid to speak your truth.  That doesn’t mean you have the right to dump all over another person.  But you do have the right to stand up for yourself if you feel wronged.  If the relationship is worth salvaging and especially if it is a working relationship, you owe it to yourself to work it out.  Swallowing hurts and wrongs can lead to resentment.  Standing up for yourself in a kind way will hopefully allow the other person to acknowledge that there were hurt feelings and appreciate your efforts at making the situation better.