Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Be Prepared

by helpinghandstwins

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With hurricane season in full swing on the east coast, we are in the thick of worrying about family in Florida and making sure we are prepared here. Having gone thru hurricane Gloria in the 80’s and Sandy a few years ago (see our blog from 11/8/12 ) we are no strangers to bad storms. Whether or not you are in a hurricane path, flood zone, earthquake or tornado based environment, natural disasters can occur anywhere so you should always be prepared.

The basics of food, water and medications are necessities most people are aware of, but here are a few more helpful reminders:

*Have enough supplies to last 2 weeks, not just 3 days, for every person in your household.

*Batteries, flashlights and gas are the first items that seem to get sold out.  Stock up ahead of time if you can.

*Make sure you have a manual can opener and a skillet that can withstand an open flame (like for camping).

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who are living thru this latest hurricane.