Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Help

by helpinghandstwins

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Halloween has just passed and Thanksgiving is not quite here yet but already holiday shopping has begun. Retail stores capitalize on the season early and we don’t mind. It is so fun and festive to see all of the Christmas decorations out and it makes the season feel like it lasts longer. All the better to enjoy each moment!

Instead of panicking about the fact that there are about 8 weeks left to get everything done on your to-do list, try to celebrate the fact that this is the season for giving. In that vein, let’s focus on a non-materialistic way of giving: helping. There are so many charitable ways to help this time of year: in a soup kitchen, donating coats and getting gifts for a family in need are just a few.  We try to do all of those (maybe not all in the same season!) but you can also think outside the box to help members of your own family.  Here are some ideas:

Help an elderly loved one with a chore like decorating, hanging pictures or cleaning out a closet.

Help your spouse cook a meal.

Help your kids make cards or a crafty gift for their grandparents.

Help yourself to a relaxing night of reading with a cup of tea or whatever helps you de-stress.

Help a friend who may need you to listen to something going on in their life.

As the name of our blog indicates, let’s literally take our hands and use them to help 🙂