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Month: January, 2017

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Have a Healthy Mindset

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We are always exploring ideas for living a healthy life and striving for peace within.   Recently we heard the phrase, “Your thoughts are not facts.” If you have any anxiety in your day or find yourself ruminating on a problem or conflict, that is a powerful quote! How many times do we truly believe what we think even if those thoughts are not rooted in reality?  How many times do we get bogged down by our thoughts? Whether it’s running through to-do lists and errands or problems of the past and worries about the future, our mind can distract us greatly from staying present. The worst, for us, is rehashing bad memories, like an argument yesterday or one from ten years ago. Having negative thoughts are self-defeating.  What could possibly be productive about them?

Positive self talk on the other hand, can greatly help us stay healthy and present.  Being kind to our selves, thinking the best of ourselves and being aware of the moment increases our ability to be happy.  Constantly practicing being mindful, positive self talk and deep breathing will come naturally after a while – it’s like a muscle that you have to exercise and it gets easier with time and use.  This practice can help you become more prepared in moments of crisis that can come without warning.  It can help you cope with life’s inevitabilities and be more prepared for dealing with something you’re afraid of.  Practice a healthy mindset every day and set yourself up for great days ahead!

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Fulfillment

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Fulfillment is a great word for a positive mindset. We strive to be fulfilled in our lives emotionally, with our relationships, our spirituality, in our jobs and just in living our lives. Living with a purpose and staying present are great ways to be fulfilled.  So how do we get there? Start where you are and focus on the good in your life. Remember you are loved – by others, by God – and love back. Having love in your life is most important.  Love others, yourself, animals; love puts us in a great place. It’s what should fuel our lives!

Do you love what you do? To be fulfilled, think about what makes you happy. Maybe you enjoy certain activities that you can incorporate into your daily life.  Think of how you would like to spend every day if money were no object, what kind of environment would bring you joy? Focus on different surroundings – outside, inside; people – alone, a few, a crowd; activity – creative, physical.  Take your loves and incorporate them into your daily life.  It can bring meaning and happiness to your world.  One thing we love to do is focus on feeding our family good food.  It may seem trivial to some, but it really does bring a feeling of fulfillment to us to make nourishing dishes – happiness to taste something delicious, contentment to feed our families well, and joy to cook in the kitchen!  And it’s something that we can easily incorporate into our day.

Get fulfilled, remember it’s the month of everything good!  And focus on the love!!

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Accepting Life’s Curveballs

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While reflecting on last week’s blog which focused on positive change as part of our New Year’s resolutions, some horrible tragedies were unfolding in our country and around the world this week. We don’t know about you but for us it takes a Herculean effort to stay mindful and positive while such sadness takes center stage in the lives of others. Accepting tragedy, disappointment, imperfections in our lives and communities becomes increasingly difficult. That is why a resolution to promote positive, peaceful actions is even more vital.

Taking time to sit quietly each morning and set our intention for the day, one day at a time, is so important. It centers us and helps put the important matters of the day forefront on our agendas. Among the “busy-ness” of the day – work, errands, etc. – there is always time for love, kind words and a helpful spirit while we are immersed in our day. Is is hard? It can be at times. Do curve balls get thrown even as we’re trying our best? Absolutely. But should we stop trying? Never.

Holly and Heather’s Helpful Hint: New Year, Month of Everything Good!


The new year is always a popular time to make resolutions to enrich your life for the better. Lose weight, exercise more and stop smoking are just a few popular things on people’s wish list. All great resolutions but what if you crave more than a physical change for well-being? Maybe you’ve reached past goals and are looking to better your life in a different way?

For the month of January, we’d like to inspire you to look at life in a positive, helping way. Focusing on your community, the environment, a cause or charitable endeavor and your healthy, beautiful self.  The goal is to be fulfilled emotionally and purposefully.  We have always been motivated to help make this world a better place, and a happy, healthy you is part of that goal!

xoxo, H & H

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