Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Have a Healthy Mindset

by helpinghandstwins

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We are always exploring ideas for living a healthy life and striving for peace within.   Recently we heard the phrase, “Your thoughts are not facts.” If you have any anxiety in your day or find yourself ruminating on a problem or conflict, that is a powerful quote! How many times do we truly believe what we think even if those thoughts are not rooted in reality?  How many times do we get bogged down by our thoughts? Whether it’s running through to-do lists and errands or problems of the past and worries about the future, our mind can distract us greatly from staying present. The worst, for us, is rehashing bad memories, like an argument yesterday or one from ten years ago. Having negative thoughts are self-defeating.  What could possibly be productive about them?

Positive self talk on the other hand, can greatly help us stay healthy and present.  Being kind to our selves, thinking the best of ourselves and being aware of the moment increases our ability to be happy.  Constantly practicing being mindful, positive self talk and deep breathing will come naturally after a while – it’s like a muscle that you have to exercise and it gets easier with time and use.  This practice can help you become more prepared in moments of crisis that can come without warning.  It can help you cope with life’s inevitabilities and be more prepared for dealing with something you’re afraid of.  Practice a healthy mindset every day and set yourself up for great days ahead!