Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Thinking Differently

by helpinghandstwins

Image result for ant strengthWe’ve blogged before about handling life’s disappointments.  Sometimes things happen that just don’t seem right or fair. It’s not always easy to make lemonade out of lemons (but that’s a great outlook) so here’s something to think about that’s a little different.  When something upsetting happens in your life, there might be something larger at work.  Perhaps a lesson to be learned for some reason maybe by you or maybe it doesn’t even have to do with you at all.  Maybe someone is watching you go thru a hardship and they have something to learn. Or maybe you will have to help someone with something difficult years down the road and this is preparing you.

Every time we face a pain, we are building strength and resilience we might not even be aware of.  If, as we think, life is about love – loving others, loving God, loving yourself – then maybe a roadblock on our journey is there to help us build strength for ourselves or to help others.  When we face life’s disappointments, maybe there’s a bigger picture, a lesson we perhaps don’t see immediately.