Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Adventures in Farm Shares!

by helpinghandstwins

Heather’s Farm Share This Week:






Holly’s Farm Share This Week:

We are always thinking about ways in which we can help make this world a better place and supporting local organic farms is a great way. You are helping the environment by supporting chemical-free growing as well as buying your produce locally which saves on shipping. Plus your family is eating healthy and that’s a plus for a happy home when everyone is feeling great!

On to the farm share – So here is a weird twin-thing that we did…out of the blue we both got a share in a local farm on the same day without knowing the other one did and it’s the first time we are trying it!  We are often on the same wave length about things and when we told each other, we got the idea that it would be fun to blog about the experience.

If you aren’t familiar with the process, here it is in a nut shell:  You give the farm a set amount of money for a certain period of time (Heather’s is for the growing period of June-November, Holly’s is a week by week commitment) and in return you receive whatever they are growing that week.  So we are assuming you could get lettuce, carrots and cucumbers one week and maybe radishes, beets and asparagus the next.  If you get an unfamiliar vegetable they give you some recipes to help you out too.

Since we love cooking and try to eat healthfully, we thought (at the same time!) it’d be fun to blog about being a novice in a farm share.  So we’ll share our adventures with you from time to time as we try something new!