Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Peace, Change & Prayers

by helpinghandstwins

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Our hearts are hurting to turn on the news and hear about the horrific, senseless tragedy of those who lost their lives in Las Vegas this week. As firm believers of love, peace and hope in this world, it is unfathomable that people enjoying an evening of outdoor music are horrifically gunned down. We need peace and love now more than ever. What can we do to help?  Lobbying efforts on gun control are still ongoing.  The right to bear arms is a hot topic but no ordinary citizen needs military grade rapid fire assault weapons.  Here’s an idea – how about security screening for any place where more than 100 people are gathered?  That would mean walking thru metal detectors at hotels and schools.  We already do it at airports, cruises and lots of theme parks.  Some kind of change has to be brought forth to protect innocent lives and allow us the freedom to enjoy being in large crowds without worry.  Change is difficult and while nothing is guaranteed in this life, let’s make it harder to allow someone with bad intentions to succeed.  And of course the one thing everybody can do is pray for peace and for those who are grieving.