Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Balance

by helpinghandstwins

We’ve blogged in the past about hygge, the Danish word for a cozy and content lifestyle and now we’re hearing about lagom, a Swedish term for “just the right amount” or “not too little, not too much”.  We would like to combine this idea with what we love about hygge; it feels like they go perfectly together.

We all need balance in life; if you spend too much time talking in work all day, you crave quiet when you get home.  We used to tell our kids when they were little that you can’t eat cake and ice cream for every meal, have a little, but also have your meat and veggies.  You can apply the concept of balance to anything in your life and when you combine it with hygge, the happiness quotient is multiplied!

We might feel unproductive if we lay around in our jammies all day (certainly hygge if it’s raining out and you’re drinking hot chocolate with a loved one!) but if you balance that with doing chores and cooking a healthy meal or donating your time to a good cause you’re finding balance.

Whatever you may feel you’re doing too much of, try balancing that out with something else.  Bonus for keeping simple pleasures in life a priority for you and your loved ones!


* Cousin Pat, sending our love to you and your family