Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: De-clutter, Donate, De-stress!

by helpinghandstwins

Image result for spring cleaningDo you have too much stuff cluttering your living space? Or maybe you’re tired of looking at the same old things hanging on the wall? We both love a good spring clean but beyond that sometimes it’s necessary to give your home a good once over and pare down. De-cluttering actually frees your mind; it’s stressful to live with a big pile of papers hanging around that needs to be shredded or so many knick knacks that it’s hard to dust.

We like to work on one closet every now and again or even just a corner of a room, so as not to get too overwhelmed, and clean. There’s just something about spring that says “grab an empty box and fill it up!” For us, it’s very fulfilling to take that box or bag of stuff and donate it. Unless it’s garbage that needs to be thrown away, repurposing is great for the environment and great for the soul – your stuff is getting a second home with someone who could really use it.  So remember the 3 d’s every so often – De-clutter, Donate, De-stress!