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Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: De-clutter, Donate, De-stress!

Image result for spring cleaningDo you have too much stuff cluttering your living space? Or maybe you’re tired of looking at the same old things hanging on the wall? We both love a good spring clean but beyond that sometimes it’s necessary to give your home a good once over and pare down. De-cluttering actually frees your mind; it’s stressful to live with a big pile of papers hanging around that needs to be shredded or so many knick knacks that it’s hard to dust.

We like to work on one closet every now and again or even just a corner of a room, so as not to get too overwhelmed, and clean. There’s just something about spring that says “grab an empty box and fill it up!” For us, it’s very fulfilling to take that box or bag of stuff and donate it. Unless it’s garbage that needs to be thrown away, repurposing is great for the environment and great for the soul – your stuff is getting a second home with someone who could really use it.  So remember the 3 d’s every so often – De-clutter, Donate, De-stress!

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Pick a Cause

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What are you passionate about? If you could take an action to help solve a world or community problem, what would it be? Every now and then we like to focus on a charitable endeavor that is near and dear to our hearts and there are so many that we care about.  Our father and uncle have Parkinson’s Disease and we will be blogging more about that in April which is Parkinson’s awareness month (this year we are hoping to find a local walk that we can participate in).

In supporting a cause, it is important to know if you are helping to raise money for research and/or a cure for an illness or disease, how much is going toward that effort.  Helping the poor is high on our list of volunteering priorities and there are big and small ways you can make a difference.  Our local churches collect money specifically for helping with heating bills, food and medicine.  You could donate clothes, cook or serve in a soup kitchen, or buy baby food and diapers for needy families with babies.

Even if you do one thing, once a year, you are making a difference in someone else’s life – and enriching your own.  What speaks to you?

Holly and Heather’s Helpful Hint: Summer Giving

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We try to contribute our time, talent and treasure to charitable endeavors throughout the year but summer time giving can be challenging. Vacations, work and lazy days bring us out of our usual routines and can make us lose focus on giving back. Here are a few things that might spark you to donate this August:

* School supplies – Pick up an extra spiral notebook, pack of pencils or box of crayons to donate to those in need.

* Vacation Bible School – Always a fun week (we used to go as kids!) to donate your time handing out snacks, making crafts or reading Bible stories.

*Food – A quick and easy way to help those in need is to pick up a few extra items at the supermarket while you are already shopping.  Those who are hungry can use the assistance year round.

* Smiles – Don’t forget something as simple as a smile and a kind word is free to give to those around you and goes a long way toward making this world a better place!

Holly and Heather’s Helpful Hint: Brighten Someone’s Day!

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We love anything that helps to make this world a better place – whether it is donating to a charitable cause, managing your relationships for a happy life, eating healthy (feel better, do better!) or just having peace in your day. Sometimes others are caught up in the stresses of life, as we all are from time to time, and could use a little pick me up. Maybe they are caring for a sick loved one or have a hard time at work; whatever the case it’s important to look outside of yourself from time to time and help those around you. Here are a few suggestions of little ways you may be able to brighten someone else’s day.  We have done all of these things and they are very much appreciated!

Send a “box ‘o cheer”  for no reason (we actually did this for each other). It included a dvd (The Wedding Date), dark chocolates and a magazine.  All very girlie stuff for an afternoon of relaxing!

Bring cards and crafts to your local nursing home.  Bright colored scarves and happy messages are the best!

Make fudge for your loved ones.

Pick up an elderly relative and take them out for lunch or even just coffee.

Whatever you choose to do, big or small, will definitely brighten someone’s day.  You never know who may need that every now and again.


Holly and Heather’s Helpful Hint: Summer Donations

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A lot of times when we think of donating items we no longer need, we think of giving blankets, boots and coats; winter items that are sorely needed by those less fortunate. That season also brings the holidays and society is awesome when giving gifts to children. In the fall we think clean up, in the spring it’s clean out but what about this time of year? The need just doesn’t go away. People that are struggling can definitely use your summer donations…here’s a few ideas:
A little boy may be getting assistance to attend summer camp but needs things like bathing suits, flip-flops and sunscreen. See what your kids have outgrown and donate.
A garage clean out this time of year could go towards any good cause – think bikes that are too small, unused pool toys or that kite that’s been in the package for 3 years that you never got around to using.
Any old luggage you no longer need, camping equipment, bbq’s, patio furniture, all great things to donate this time of year.
Don’t forget there is need in everyone’s neighborhood.  Your donations could be a treasure to someone!

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