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Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Keep Your Chin Up

We have experienced a few losses this past year with loved ones in our immediate and extended family. As time marches on, the void is still there with every social gathering and celebration. But it is perhaps the little moments, when something will spark a memory, that seem to hit the hardest. They bring to mind that that person REALLY is gone and we will never see them again in this world. We have hope that their spirit surrounds us and watches over our lives as we continue on. And sometimes we receive signs that their presence is still here: a knock when no one is there, ambiguous things like lots of coins showing up or butterflies close by. We know this may seem “out there” to some but they say when something out of the ordinary happens, the first person’s image to pop into our heads is the loved one we’ve lost saying, “Hello, I’m here.”  If it gives you comfort to share an experience here, please do so.  We are all in this world together.  We understand that everyone has different ways of dealing with loss so lets help each other.  Keep your chin up and walk on.

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Celebrate Life!

Remembering our Uncle Peter, part two….

Last week we wrote about losing our Uncle Peter to pancreatic cancer. We would like to dedicate this blog to his memory and focus on celebrating his life.

Uncle Peter was a powerful male role model for us growing up and loved to have a great conversation with a good cup of coffee.   When we spoke of starting this blog almost two years ago, he was very encouraging.  He was excited to read about whatever we were writing about and loved a good dialogue.  He had such incredible knowledge about a wide variety of topics and had very researched opinions (see 8/8/13 Be Kind to Animals & 3/7/13 Internet Protection for Kids).  Our Uncle Peter was one of our biggest supporters, always commenting on our topics with either insight, humor or love.  His last comment dated this past January 9th is hard for us to read today.  He was always in our corner.

So in his memory, we would like to share a quintessential “Uncle Peter” story.  It speaks to his jovial spirit and we hope that, whether you knew him or not, you enjoy it. And remember to cherish each day of your journey…..

It was sometime in the mid 80’s and Hurricane Gloria was about to rip thru Long Island.  Uncle Peter, our aunt and cousins headed over to our house because they didn’t have a basement and we all thought it would be safer if we had to go underground.  After they arrived, we were standing at the front door looking outside as the winds were blowing down power lines and tree branches.  Our dad decided he had to go to work and we were all trying to convince him not to go.  As he headed out into his car, Uncle Peter followed him outside.  He wrapped his arms in a big bear hug around the huge oak tree in our front yard.  He let the wind pick up his legs and he held on, entire body parallel to the ground, huge grin on his face.  He stayed like that for what seemed like minutes as we watched and laughed.  Then Uncle Peter came back into the house with all of us girls, his family, until the storm passed.

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Peace on Earth

There are so many heartbreaking moments in life, sometimes it can feel overwhelming. You can’t turn on the television or open the newspaper without learning of the loss of innocent lives.  On the heels of 9/11, we spent time recounting the horrific events that forever changed our country.  As New Yorker’s, the day was unimaginable. As people living in this world, we are forever saddened.  School shootings, public bombings – they are hard to even think of, let alone thoughtfully write about.  How will the parents, siblings, friends and relatives of all of the victims ever be the same? The short answer is they will never be the same. Healing may come in the form of memorials, prayers, and the resilience of the human spirit, but lives are forever changed.

We have to try to make this world a safer place by supporting our leaders in passing stricter gun control laws, helping to keep open facilities to help the mentally unstable, working to keep criminals off the streets and making our schools safer (it should be just as hard to get into a school as it is on a plane – change that came about post 9/11).  The sad truth is that even with all of that in place, there will still be evil in our world. Human beings have free will and with that comes great responsibility – responsibility to choose right from wrong, responsibility for ourselves and for others.

We all need to resolve to be peace promoters throughout our every day lives, hopefully influencing others to respond in kind without even knowing it.  If everyone on this earth lived with that frame of mind, their choices would be better.  Help those that need it.  Be kind.  Let the little things go and do good in your life.  To quote a line in a famous song “Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.”

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