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Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Brace Yourself

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The day before Halloween we went shopping together and realized we forgot to buy candy for all the trick or treaters. We were in the market but did not remember the candy faux pas until we were finished shopping, on our way to the checkout, hurriedly passing by the bakery items and out of the corner of our eyes caught sight of a Halloween cake. We doubled back down the candy aisle (where were those big displays that typically smacked one in the face as soon as you entered the store?) and grabbed a few bags of chocolates. We did not realize what was happening in the “world of commercialism” until we ran one more errand (the pharmacy) and noticed that not only was there no Halloween display, the shelves that were typically stocked with costumes, candy, decorations, etc. were bare. It was October 30th and not only was Halloween already over in the stores, but Thanksgiving wasn’t even happening. It was already Christmas. Brace yourself. Stay in the moment – physically, mentally, emotionally – or else you’ll miss it.


Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Be Mindful

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On Mother’s Day, we always try to give our mother lovely, thoughtful gifts and in return, she continually out-does us. This year, among her myriad gifts to us was a book called, “The One Plan”. When she saw it in the store, she was attracted to it because its yogic theme reminded her of us (we both practice although we consider ourselves amateurs). And yes, the book is about yoga but also about many topics that most would not consider a typical “yoga” book. The book contains a year-long plan that promises a happier, healthier life. Who wouldn’t be interested in how to obtain that?

Although we are only two weeks past mother’s day and thus only two weeks into the fifty-two week plan, the topic of mindfulness has been discussed. The practice of mindfulness is a newly growing trend that has actually been around for thousands of years. What’s interesting is that schools are trying to adopt the practice as a means of helping children to focus better, help reduce anxiety, reduce difficulty with peers and to become better listeners. The research trend seems to be positive and according to different articles written on the topic, better test scores have been a by-product.

So what is mindfulness? In its simplest form, it means staying aware in the present moment. We have blogged in the past about the importance of “being present” especially when discussing how to enjoy life and reduce worries about the future or guilt from the past. But becoming truly mindful in your day to day life is something that you can practice every day, throughout the day and as you get better and better at it hopefully you too will see the fruits of your labor!  More to follow in blogs to come…

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Distractions, Distractions

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who just wasn’t paying attention to you? Here you are, pouring your heart out, and when you are done there is silence on the other end of the conversation. This can feel more than frustrating. It is as if that person doesn’t care about you in that instant; as if what you are talking about has no value.

We’re sure many of you have had that experience as well, both as a talker and a listener. We all get distracted from time to time.  While maybe the listener (or non-listener) may not have meant to hurt the feelings of the one who was sharing, distraction is often the culprit of these occasions. So what can we do about this?

In keeping with the theme of last week’s blog – stay present. When the phone rings, if you don’t have the time or energy to focus your attention on the speaker, don’t answer it. If you do answer and find yourself becoming distracted, which happens – especially if you have children at home, politely tell the speaker that you are sorry, this isn’t a good time to chat right now and then call them back when you are free. In this age of technology, it is nearly impossible to miss a call, text or email. Those messages will be there waiting for you. The human face or voice should always command our attention well before any piece of technology unless a true emergency arises.

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